Am I a Cook?

A common question that comes up when meeting new people is “So do you like to cook?”. My answer has always been “Do ramen noodles count?” followed by a look of horror.

I have never considered myself a cook – I identify as a professional online chef (if a restaurant has an online ordering system there is a very high chance I have used it…more than once!).

One night, after I cooked for the boyfriend and I a bomb-ass meal, he made a jaw-dropping comment to the tune of: “From now on when someone ask if you cook, you can say yes.”

Little ol’ me an actual cook?

So I begin to think , what exactly makes someone a cook?

  • Enjoying cooking?
  • How often you cook?
  • Who you cook for?
  • How complicated the food you cook is?
  • If you follow a recipe or eyeball everything?

Lately, I have been doing more cooking in an effort to save money and eat healthier but does that actually make me cook?

The next time someone ask me if I like to cook maybe I’ll have to respond TBD. For now I will stick to cooking for Avery, while following a simple recipe about 3 times a week.

Do you consider yourself a cook?! I’d love to hear some of your favorite, SIMPLE recipes.

4 thoughts on “Am I a Cook?

  1. That is a great question Kandace. For me, sometimes cooking can be boring and redundant..however, I can say Pinterest has inspired me to try new recipes and actually makes cooking fun again. Also, with the Food Network channel and other channels showing celebrity cooks…I am more willing to try new recipes.

    1. Pinterest is one of my favorite places to find recipes! Next time I try a new one I will post about it!

      Thanks for the comment!

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