Moving: Out With the Old, In With the Different

So, I moved.

A little over a week ago I left my cute, little 1 bedroom apartment in the city and moved in with Avery (the bf!) to a large 2 bedroom apartment complex in the burbs! I never I thought would be out of the city already, but I am loving it so far!

I might have gotten a little crazy leading up to the move… but the time spent creating a detailed moving day schedule and an extensive move out checkout list paid off because our move was FLAWLESS! (is it just me, or does that word make you want to turn on Beyoncé immediately?!)

Here are some thoughts about my old and new apartment!


What I will miss about my apartment in the city

Proximity – I lived in the middle of a very hip neighborhood. A stone’s throw away from my favorite breakfast joint, bars, restaurants, and shops. Any place we wanted to go was a quick Uber ride away and I loved it.

Running – A couple of months back I ran my first half marathon and that required a lot of training. I loved being able to walk out my apartment and start a run that might end up down by the lake or through downtown!

Trash Location – This may seem silly, but walking by the dumpsters every time you go to the parking lot was hella convenient! Now we have to drive our trash to the compactor in our complex (little prayer our bags don’t ever break in the car)!

It Was Mine – This is just me being honest; I loved my old apartment because it was all mine. I picked it, I decorated it, I made it feel like a home. I was proud of myself for moving out on my own in a new area!

What I am loving about our apartment in the burbs.

All Da Space!! –  I went from living in a very cozy 1 bedroom to a very spacious 2 bedroom. The space difference is night and day (We have a walk-in closet and a personal vanity in the bedroom – so I guess sometimes dreams do come true!)

Outdoor Space–  We have a cute little patio that faces woods and a pond. It’s a perfect spot to enjoy morning coffee or an afternoon drink!

New(er) Proximity – I am a tad addicted to ‘newness’. So having an apartment in a new area is always exciting! New restaurants, shops, and entertainment.

It’s Ours – There is something special about making decisions with another person, and making them with Avery has proven to be amazing. We get to make this new apartment feel like ours, and that is super exciting!

I will post pictures of the new apartment once we get some decorations up!

Have you  ever made a move to or from the city? I would love to hear about it!

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