A Fiery Date Night

Avery planned a surprise 10 month anniversary date night and it was fabulous!


We started the night at Sushi Kuni (this place is scarily close to our new apartment) and it was amazing! The restaurant was very intimate because the crowd was light and the atmosphere was dark – perfect for a date night. At dinner I came up with a fun conversation topic,  we each named 5 things we want to do as a couple! I like to think of this as a start to a ‘Couples Bucket List’.  It was super fun to talk about all the adventures we hope to go on one day!

Along with great conversation we had great food! For an appetizer we had tempura shrimp, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and onions all battered and fried.

For the main entree, we got three specialty Sushi Rolls. They were all delicious and unique!


Pako Roll (Avery’s favorite!)

A deep-fried yellowtail and cream cheese roll is placed into a roll with cucumber and avocado. Eel and sesame sauce is drizzled on top.

Harry Potter Roll (Had to)

Baked to perfection. Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, topped with spicy crab, mozzarella cheese, and eel sauce is cooked together in an oven.

BBQ Roll (Best sushi presentation ever)

ON FIRE – spicy tuna, crab, asparagus cucumber, topped with shrimp, spicy mayo and unagi-sauce.

On fire sushi
Literally guys, this roll came out on FIRE!! 😮

I have never seen anything like the BBQ roll before; it started out with a ‘fresh off the grill’ flavor and then ended with a lot of spice!
After dinner, drinks and a quick PokéStop (yes, the bf has got me playing this game); we went and saw the CUTEST movie – The Secret Life of Pets. I am in love with this movie. It warmed my heart oo so much and was hilarious!  I would highly recommend you see it ASAP! It made a perfect date night movie.

Have you ever planned a secret date night? I would love to hear ideas so I can plan our next one.

2 thoughts on “A Fiery Date Night

  1. Another great blog Kandace. I am a big believer in date nights…life is busy and sometimes it’s easy to put a relationship(marriage or dating) last. Date night helps to focus on what’s the most important…each other. I have planned many date nights and my husband has loved them all. My husband has planned many date nights and I always appreciate the effort and love that goes into planning them…cheers to many more date nights Kandace.

    1. That is so true- it can be very easy to put relationships last on our mile long to-do list! Thanks for reading mom! 🙂

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