One time I ran a half marathon…

I ran my first half marathon in April 2016. It was by far one of the hardest goals I have ever set in my life. It was a glorious feeling once I crossed the finish line.

During the second half of the race, I swore to myself I would never do this again. About 20 mins after I crossed the finish line the BF asked if I would run another one. An instant ‘heck no’ came to mind – but then I really thought about it and said yup. That feeling

That was the moment I thought I would become a regular race participator. 72287503


Fast forward to October 2016 and I haven't ran since my last 10k in June.

I haven’t really done much running since June. And when I say I haven’t really done much – I mean I have done no running at all. Between wedding season, a move and honestly just a loss of motivation – my running shoes have started to build dust!! A few nights ago Avery and I went on a walk around the neighborhood and I’m not sure if it was the great weather, the great company, or just the lovely feeling of walking but all of my running motivation came flooding back to me.

I am ready to start training for my next Half Marathon again! This time around my goal will be different – not just to finish but to finish under a specific time (time: TBD)!

You can find me dusting off my running shoes and creating a training program (which will include weight training and more cross training this time around)! Over the next few months, I will post updates how the training is going!
Have you ever ran a race before? I would love to hear about it.

I’m all about Fall… and its drinks!

Fall is my season. [no joke] I love football season, jeans & sweatshirts, the weather in Michigan,  pretty trees, fall tv lineup, Halloween, cinnamon-everything, pumpkin-everything… but one of my absolute favorite things about fall is the drinksHere are two of my absolute favorite!

Brewery Vivant’s Pumpkin Tart Beer

Pumpkin Tart Beer

In the last few years I have grown to LOVE pumpkin beer. I look forward to it every summer and mourn it during winter [well I mourn a whole lot during winter – but that’s a separate post]. This is by far one of my favorite pumpkin beers! The sweet and tart pair perfectly together! A great way to enjoy fall. (Can be found at Brewery Vivant!)

Apple Cider Sangria (homemade)


Usually when I think sangria warm summer months come to mind – but this sangria changed the mindset! This apple cider sangria was so easy and very delicious!! (We do not own a pitcher so I separated this recipe into 4 mason jars)

  • 1 bottle of white wine ( I used a pinot grigio from trader joes – 2 bucks!!)
  • 6 cups of apple cider
  • 1 cup of caramel vodka
  • 2 apples – cut into chunks

Mix everything together and place in the fridge for an hour! Make sure to enjoy the apples at the end!

Do you have any favorite fall cocktails?! I would love to hear about them!